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Iconic Vintage Your way

We source iconic vintage furniture that infuses your space with unique character and timeless stories.

your dream pieces

Curated for you

We specialize in sourcing vintage and collectible furniture pieces ranging from the mid-century to the post-modern era, including upholstered items like chairs, sofas, benches, and more.

Step 1

During the initial consultation, clients outline their vision, desired style, and specific requirements, which are used to create a tailored design proposal.

Step 2

Our team leverages a network of trusted dealers to find options that fit your criteria, followed by review and approval of selected pieces, with discussions on any necessary customizations.

Step 3

After approval, the team manages all sourcing aspects, from coordinating with artisans for custom work to overseeing quality and logistics.

Step 4

The final phase involves confirming shipping details and completing payment before carefully delivering and setting up the furniture in the client's space.


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