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The Selby House


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The studio is located in the Dallas Design District by appointment only. Taking inspiration from both the past and present, the space showcases our current collection and is constantly evolving with the vision The Selby House has created -  a place to collaborate, to build relationships with other designers and creatives.


Featured Brand


A Venezia glassware company actively challenging the traditional drinkware scene by adopting an unconventional approach based on research and pure creativity - striving to create a new idea of table styling that promotes conviviality by breaking free from the rules.


Featured Artist

Jason Adkins

Explore the captivating and intricate world of Jason Adkins, whose vibrant abstractions and landscapes offer a dynamic journey into artistic expression.


Featured Artist

Chris L. Halstrøm

Chris Halstrøm's embroidered work with an aluminum frame. Halstrøm is interested in the stitches themselves, examining how in their simplest form, they can reach a completely different level of expression.


Meet The Selby House

The Selby House offers a collection of hand selected 20th-century furnishings ranging from collector’s pieces to anonymous rare finds paired with contemporary objects and art. We specialize in curating and customizing timeless furnishings that feel collected, not decorated.

We are intentional with our selections, inspired by the craftsmen we work with, and strive to support local artisans and tradesThe result is a thoughtfully curated selection of one-of-a kind pieces made with love and a story to tell; giving new life to the old.

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