'Entity 66.495' by Chris L. Halstrøm


On close inspection, the surfaces of Halstrøm's delicate hand-embroidered pieces are subtly textured and rhythmic, and are often composed in monochrome or two-tone to draw attention to this quality. “Large monochrome surfaces allow the eye to notice the unevenness of the thread and the weave,” says Halstrøm. “Throughout the process of making, I see patterns form, only for them to disappear and be replaced with others as more of the work is completed.”

The technique of embroidery is so often obscured by the pattern it is creating. Halstrøm is interested in the stitches themselves, examining how in their simplest form, they can reach a completely different level of expression. They are both dissolved and enhanced.”

About Chris L Halstrøm
Born in 1977, Chris lives in works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She finds it interesting to work with familiarity, openness, and anonymity as topics in order to create new expressions and purposes for objects. She established her studio in 2007 after graduating from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen.

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Period: 2022 

Dimensions: 32"H x 32"W x 1.5"D 

Materials: wool, cotton, flax thread, hand painted aluminum frame 

Condition: New

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