'Fold' Sculptures by Jason Adkins


Original draped sculptures made with acrylic. Adkins process starts with heating acrylic glass sheets so they become flexible. Right before the material starts to harden, the acrylic is molded into its desired form creating specters that seem to drift about of their own accord. 

About Jason Adkins
Adkins’ intricate designs showcase his meticulous craftsmanship, weaving together intricate patterns and textures to create visually stunning and mesmerizing compositions. Through his abstract works, landscapes, and designs, Adkins' invites us on a journey of exploration and contemplation, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. He likes, "the idea of making natural forms out of a material that looks so completely unnatural." 

Origin: Phoenix, Arizona 

Period: 2023 

Dimensions: 9"H x 10"W x 11"D

Materials: acrylic 

Condition: New

 **Shipping will be quoted and invoiced separately. Please reach out with questions prior to purchasing

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