Undulation 1 by Meredith Noles


Handwoven wall mount textile installation. Many of the yarns are hand dyed by Meredith using natural dyes (coffee, food waste) and blended with upcycled yarns from her years in the fashion industry (other artists excess or vintage archives). Featuring whimsical movement and exploration of fluidity, the piece takes inspiration from the color palette at The Selby House studio. 

About Meredith Noles
As a Texan, Meredith's entry into fashion was by way of custom boot and saddle shop, where she developed a love for handcrafted quality. Studying in Florence and New York City, she currently works as a textile artist and knitwear designer for LAUDE the Label. 

Origin: Fort Worth, TX  

Period: 2023 

Dimensions: 60"H x 55"W (expanded width) 50" (contracted width). This piece is adjustable because of the connecting swags. Clients can customize as needed. 

Materials: wool, cotton, alpaca, and upcycled yarns

Condition: New

**Shipping will be quoted and invoiced separately. Please reach out with questions prior to purchasing

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