Hand Carved Orange Tree Vase


Beautiful and unique vase, hand-carved from an orange tree root. Inspired from the "wabi sabi" aesthetic which values the beauty of the unique and imperfect. This vase wooden vase was carefully crafted by the So-So team, at their workshop in Cascais- Lisbon. 

About So-So Store + Collection
“What is done, is done” is a collection of unique pieces, inspired by nature, wood and the beauty of its imperfections. Each creation is the result of manual work, which respects and follows the time and uniqueness of the wood they are working with.

Origin: Lisbon, Portugal  

Period: 2022

Dimensions: 11"H x 3.15"Diam 

Materials: Burnt orange Tree and Natural oil and wax (plant based)

Condition: New

Shipping + Delivery: $15 in the U.S. For our smaller home décor items, we ship UPS Ground. Arrives in 5 to 8 days. 

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